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The Store

Nestled just two miles east of Downtown Indianapolis at the corner of Rural and Michigan, The Rural Inn exudes a distinctive historic charm that sets it apart. Since 1945, we have proudly supported Indiana's finest beers, wines, and spirits. We always prioritize customer satisfaction.

Prepare to uncover the secret that your friends have been keeping from you! The Rural Inn is renowned for boasting one of the most exceptional bourbon selections in Indianapolis and beyond. Our shelves are adorned with sought-after favorites and more than 25 meticulously hand-picked barrels, personally curated by our in-house Bourbon expert, Ray Vandivier.

Step inside our doors and let our knowledgeable team guide you through an unparalleled bourbon experience. Discover hidden gems, indulge in hard-to-find treasures, and savor the distinctive flavors that only a carefully selected bourbon collection can offer.

Our Bourbon Collection

Step into the world of bourbon at the Rural Inn and prepare to be amazed. With an extensive selection of over 20 unique store picks, our hand-picked barrels offer a captivating range of flavors and experiences. Each store pick represents our commitment to providing you with exclusive and exceptional bourbons that you won't find anywhere else.

Whether you're a seasoned bourbon enthusiast or new to the scene, our collection of store picks ensures there's something for everyone. Discover hidden gems and exclusive releases, and let us guide you through the remarkable world of bourbon.

Join us at the Rural Inn, where our carefully curated selection of over 20 unique barrels awaits. Unleash your passion for bourbon with our unique offerings and experience the thrill of finding your perfect sip. Cheers to exclusive and unforgettable bourbon adventures!

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