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Order a Keg from the Rural Inn

If you're planning an event or party and need a keg, stop in at The Rural Inn. Let us guide you in getting the right-sized keg for the best price.


Ask us about a brand, and we'll help in finding it for you. While most of our brands are available in half barrels, some are available in quarter-barrel sizes. Call us for a quick price and the applicable deposit and refund amount. Request your party's keg using our site!


Don't see the keg you want? Enter the keg you would like in the "Keg Order Form" section below. All special order kegs need to be requested by Tuesday.

*1/2 Barrel = 6.67 cases and serves: 256-10oz and 124-16oz

*1/4 Barrell = 3.34 cases and serves: 128-10oz and 62-16oz


Keg Order Form

Your order has been submitted successfully!

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